Wednesday, October 03, 2007

TV Hates Me

All I do is love it, and this is how it repays me?

I noted the weird channel move of Bravo in my SFist post today, how it moved from channel 48 to channel 181, but how Comcast had no explanation for it when I called them. So when I came home tonight, I checked to see if the "Top Chef" finale was recording, and TiVo said it was, but it was actually recording another channel. I was now not getting channel 48 OR 181. So I called Comcast and got some snooty guy who was all smug about how it wasn't Comcast's fault, it was TiVo's and there was nothing they could do about it. He also informed me that On Demand doesn't work with TiVo at all--even though I was told it would when I signed up for digital cable. But fine. Whatever. If it's a choice between On Demand and TiVo, I'll take TiVo.


TiVo doesn't have 24 hour tech support, so I tried to go in and see if I was just getting the wrong channel line-up, and went through the steps to check my cable set-up, which didn't seem to be working. So I tried to get out of that screen.

And the TiVo crashed.

And rebooted.

And then told me it was now ready to begin Guided Set-up. You know, the thing you do when you get a brand new TiVo.

A brand new TiVo that doesn't have any programs recorded on it.

A brand new empty TIVo.


This is when fear overcame me. I expected the worst. All through the guided set-up thing, I was convinced I had lost everything; all my recordings all my season passes, everything. Tears were shed. I bit my nails for 30 minutes while the set-up went through.

THANKFULLY, that was not the case. Everything is still there.

Well, everything but the BRAVO CHANNEL!

I know I should be mad at TiVo over this, but really, I'm just pissed at Comcast and the fact that there doesn't seem to be any option out there for me that will play nice with the TiVo. No other cable choices, and DirectTV is all about their own lame DVRs. What else is there? The Dish network? Are they TiVo haters as well?


Anonymous said...

This fricken happened to me too. I missed the Top Chef finale as well and my friend had to call me to blurt out the winner. I'm rebooting my channel line-up now...

Rain said...

Be careful! You don't want to go through the terror I did.

I don't think the trying to update the channel listing is gonna work. I think TiVo has to deal with the issue on their end. You can be sure a call WILL be made in the morning!