Thursday, May 15, 2008

Feature About Creature Features and Its Upcoming Feature

I've got a brief post about Bob Wilkins and the documentary "Watch Horror Movies - Keep America Strong" up on the SFGate Culture Blog. Go read it now! Unless the heat makes it too difficult to even click on a link, in which case, I totally understand. TOO. HOT!

Edited to add: Peter Hartlaub has another Bob Wilkins-related post up on SFGate, this one focused on his "Captain Cosmic" character.


Damian said...

Holy shit -- I just checked the weather -- it's 98 degrees in SF!?? That's totally apocalyptic.

Rain said...

98 in the City....about 120 in my apartment.

Global warming? What global warming?

Damian said...

Oh, right - nobody has a/c there. Sweet Jesus.

This is probably my one and only chance to gloat about the weather being better in New York at the moment.

It does smell like feces a lot here, though, so we've still got that.