Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Have I Ever Told You You're My Hero?...Oh, Everyone's Told You? OK Then.

I watched the "60 Minutes" interview with Captain "Sully," and I was struck by a few things, the biggest being that Sully is even more awesome than I had previously thought. I love that he never doubted he could land that plane; I love that he hasn't gotten a swelled head about this whole thing; and I love that when Katie asked him if he was praying during the event, he basically said no, he was too busy landing the plane to be praying, and other people could take care of that.

And I may love flight attendant Doreen Walsh just as much. That landing was obviously a horrible experience for her, and I appreciate that she's not sugar-coating how incredibly terrifying and violent the event was in the back of that plane. I think it's possible to be incredibly thankful that you're alive, while still being pissed off that you had to go through something so horrible, which is not a position we see expressed much after "miraculous" events like this, so I appreciate her honesty. You can see part of her interview in the clip below.

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