Saturday, April 11, 2009

Magically Delicious

It's Easter, so let's talk about the Irish.

Actually, I meant to talk about this on St. Patrick's day, but it totally slipped my mind until now. Oh well.

A while ago, some friends and I were discussing those old Irish Spring commercials, as stereotypical hipsters are wont to do. I remembered they always involved some comically "Irish" people talking about soap, usually during a picnic, at which point they'd slice into it to show those magic green stripes. Then they'd serve it on crackers and take a shower outdoors.

Turns out, my memories weren't that far off...Here's one with the picnic:

And here's one with an Irish lass at a dog show who decides to take a shower outdoors after being whistled at by a strange man and a little boy....No, really.

And in case you were wondering, yes. Irish Spring is still available. I just wonder if it's still tasty on crackers.

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