Friday, December 31, 2010

November Round-Up - 2010

I am quite anxious to kiss this crappy year to the curb, and I will do just that in a few short hours. But that doesn't mean I can't take a few minutes to remember November, which, frankly, feels like it was just yesterday..

Movies Seen: Thirteen, with none in a theater. And frankly, none were that great. I suppose the most interesting was a double feature of "The Expendables" and "JCVD," although I came away thinking the former could have used some Jean-Claude Van Damme, and the latter could have used some Expendables....

The worst was probably "Four Christmases." Yeah, what was I expecting, right? I think its taking place in San Francisco was one of the main reasons I decided to check it out; that and the fact that I am a sucker for many Christmas movies. I never understand why TV shows and movies decide to set a movie in S.F. when there really is no reason to, especially when they aren't actually filming the crux of the production here. The movie's S.F. location is just laughable. Both of the characters' families are supposed to live in the "Bay Area" but both are filled with family members with Southern accents, which just doesn't make any sense. Also, they manage to visit four different family homes in a single afternoon, lord knows where exactly, although it requires at least one trip over the Golden Gate Bridge.

I've already wasted too many words on that dumb movie. AVOID!

Books Read: One. Which is to say I only finished one, but actually spent most of the month reading a different book. So, that'll come next month. This month's book was "I Know I Am But What Are You?" by Samantha Bee, probably best known for her work on "The Daily Show." The first half is about her childhood, but I actually enjoyed the latter half of the book, in which she talks about her marriage and that time her cat had sex with her head.

Fancy Dinners Out: One, at--you guessed it--Town Hall, this time for Jess's birthday. I had steak. It was great.

Live Shows Seen: One! I actually went to a live show! Granted it was part of a benefit for a friend's film, so I can thank her for getting me out of the house to take in a show by the Meat Sluts. They were good. They were loud.

Shoes Bought: One pair. I wanted a go-to pair of heels that could be worn with vintage and modern clothes, that were also comfy enough to get me through an evening, and figured I should give dancing shoes a shot. And these fit the bill! They are very cute, and oh so comfortable as well. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for stylish + comfort.

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