Thursday, October 24, 2013

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 24

It's Vincent Price night on TCM, and there are lots of movies to choose from.

But I'm picking the William Castle classic, The Tingler, because I have a million dollar idea for a Tingler app! OK, it's not a million dollar idea. Maybe a 50 cent idea. Basically, it's an app that start whenever you start watching The Tingler.  Then you sit on your phone, and wait for it to vibrate during the scary parts of the movie, thus replicating the amazing "Percepto" gimmick of the original release!

I'm a genius!

 Until someone actually makes it, I guess we'll just have to sit on our phones and have someone call us when the scary parts happen. Watch tonight at 11:15PM on TCM!

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