Monday, October 06, 2014

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 6

So, yesterday's entry was for the season finale of "The Strain," another entry into the genre of TV vampires. It got me thinking of good and bad TV vampires, and I instantly remembered the 1979 miniseries Salem's Lot, based on the Stephen King book. Sure, you look at it now, and it's kind of dated. But I will never forget watching it with a friend during an overnight stay, and being scared shitless over this scene:

I remember we teased each other after that, by making that scratching sound, and saying "Open the window!"

I wish I could tell you the whole thing will be on TV today, but, alas, it's not, and doesn't seem to be on any kind of (legal) streaming source either. But since today's movie choice were kind of slim, I figure one little treat was better than a trick.

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Pik-Cor said...

Oh yeah. I remember this moment in my youth. It was terrifying! Swore for years that it was the scariest thing on tv...ever!

Years later I rented Salem's Lot only to discover some things should be left to memory :(