Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Did You Cry When Joyce Shaved Her Head?

I did!

Pardon the late post. Network connectivity issues, and the ever-present JOB have gotten in the way, but I just have to say that Joyce is totally my hero for shaving her head on last night's The Amazing Race. She's a rock star. No way Amber would have done it (and oh how I wish we could have seen that instead!) But what really sucks is that even after shaving her head, and coming in first place, Joyce and Uchenna got NO REWARD!!!

I can't even begin to say how unfair that was. How many trips do Rob and Amber have now? Three? It's criminal, I tells ya!

And bye-bye to Lynn and Alex. You were kind of of awful, but I still kind of liked ya...

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Anonymous said...

I'm so totally with you on I think she actually looks prettier..softer, more vulnerable, and like Uchenna said, she has a beautifully shaped head. I can't believe, they wouldn't give something "special" to whoever went through with this Fast Forward...not NOTHING !!! And who would have thought there would be two landmark castles that looked like they were across town from each other, and the Nathan Hales went to the wrong one. Such bad luck, or karma... even so, I'll miss them. Here's to Joyce & Uchenna as my new faves to win.