Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One of These Shows Is Not Like the Other

OK....Maybe I can muster one more little post.

I didn't get to see the pilot of NBC's"Kidnapped," (not to be confused with the sucky Fox series "Vanished") but from the previews I've seen and the cast involved (Jeremy Sisto-- creepy "Billy" from "Six Feet Under"--Dana Delaney, and Timothy Hutton) I'd say it's certainly worth watching. I suppose you could think of the show as an episode of "Without a Trace" spread out over an entire season--and let's hope NBC doesn't screw up the linearity of the plot by slipping rerun after rerun in the show's schedule.

Anyway, it premieres at 10pm. (Don't worry. Tonight's episode of "Project Runway" is a rerun.)

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