Friday, September 29, 2006

She's Crafty

Boing Boing posted about Craft magazine yesterday which is quite the coincidence since I subscribed to that very magazine the same day! How could I not? It's about crafting, and my friend Jessica's awesome knitted robots are featured on the cover of the first issue. Wow!

The Boing Boing article is about pre-ordering a copy of the first issue on Amazon, but why not just subscribe to the magazine directly? You know you want to.

Also featured on the Craft magazine site is an article writen by my friend Chrissa Banner! Cool!

So much craftiness. I wonder if people will look back at this time in history, when people were making cozies for their iPods, and knitting shoes, and think, "Wow. They sure wasted their time making weird and stupid stuff back then, didn't they?" I mean, don't we look at those Barbie doll toiler paper cozies of the '70s and think that very thing?

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Anonymous said...

I've subscribed, and I hope to actually *make* some of the projects included, rather than tossing a 6 month later guilty glance in the magazines direction and lamenting all the projects I had big intentions to make but didnt. That hasnt ever happened before, I'm just cautious that it could, heh.