Saturday, November 04, 2006

Am I On Vacation Yet?

This time tomorrow I should be in New Orleans, stuffing my face with a mufaletta, or a po' boy, or something else delicious and completely bad for me. Whatever I'm eating, I won't be at work, and won't be there for a whole week, and that's just plain awesome.

I can't say I'm not a little worried about the trip (airplane flight notwithstanding) especially when I realize hurricane season isn't officially over yet. And after reading articles about how some people in the city have gone so nuts that they're killing and cooking each other, (I shit you not). New Orleans has always been a dangerous city, and that certainly hasn't changed after Katrina.

But I think once I set foot in the French Quarter, and smell the unmistakable stench of booze, puke, and horse manure, all those worries will drift away. With the help of a mint julep or two.

Meanwhile, I had to board Tori today, and that was heartbreaking. She was so sad! I wish there was some kind of kitty spa I could take her to instead, but she's such a skittish cat, I don't think she'd really enjoy that either. I can't wait to leave, because the apartment is very lonely without her!

Last night I had a horrible night of waiting for MUNI. I waited 45 minutes for the 27 Bryant to take me home. There were no cabs to be had, and normally I would have just trekked up the hill, but my feet were killing me. To top it off, some guy kept passing out below me. Weird! I was standing above the Powell Street station, listening to my iPod, next to some newspaper stands, and I moved my foot, and felt something that hadn't been there previously. So I looked down and I saw that I had just kicked some guy in the head. He didn't seem to mind, as he just kind of readjusted himself.

So I moved over to another bunch of newspaper stands, and looked down at the Powell Street Station plaza. Sitting on the stairs was a young couple. The girl was obviously completely blotto, and the guy was doing his best to comfort her. She alternately pushed him away and leaned into him--when she wasn't puking, that is. So of course I had to break out the camera and film it!

I was doing that for a few seconds when I felt something brush against my feet again, so I looked down, and there was the passed-out-guy again! He had gotten up from his spot, moved over to my corner and passed out again. The hell??

All that was entertaining and everything, but it was getting close to 11 and all I wanted was to get the hell home. So I ended up having to take the Powell cable car up the hill, and narrowly dodged a flying panini some asshole decided to throw at the cable car full of tourists. And then we had to wait five minutes as one of those groups of totally annoying rollerbladers blocked the street. Gah!

Needless to say, I need a vacation. I'm hoping the hotel will have some free wifi, in which case I will do my best to post some photos and stories during the week. If not, I'm sure you'll hear all about it when I get back!


Anonymous said...

i hope you have a fabulous time in nola, and i hope to see the photographic evidence.

Jess Hutch said...

Have fun, Rain! Good thing you can escape the drunk and passed-out people in SF by going to New Orleans... oh wait! Well, hopefully the drunks in NO will be a little more festive?