Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Wonder How Long It Took Them To Realize No One Was Actually Coming Over For a Potty

An email from Chuck reminded me that I needed to check YouTube to see if a certain commercial had made it to the site yet.

It has.


Jess Hutch said...

Sigh. I love that commercial. "Mickey come over for a pah-tee."

Rain said...

What kind of crazy accent do those kids have? I think they may be Tony and Carmela Soprano as yoots.

Unknown said...

I'm digging how they ask everybody over for a potty and then at the end, when she finally gets through to Goofy, she gets all sultry.

"Oh, hi Goofy. I... I expected to get your machine." You can tell Mickey, Donald, and Snow White got invited just to make it all seem casual. She wants to get him alone at the end of the night after everybody else has gotten drunk and left.

Rain said...

I also dig this selling point given by the narrator:

"With the Mickey Mouse Talking Phone, the battery is not included!"

Unknown said...

You know, after watching it 10,000 times over the last 24 hours, I think you're right about the kids' accents.

I'm guessing the potty's going down somewhere around Long Island. Especially when she says, "Hey Donald! Get ya ass ovah here! What are you, fuckin' retahded?"