Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where the Hipsters Will Be

I'm not sure why, but "Where the Wild Things Are" didn't seem to have quite the influence on me as it did on (seemigly) everyone else of my generation. I know I read it, but I must have gotten it from the library, because I don't recall owning it, or reading it over and over. Maybe it's just because the story is kind of boy-centric...(Although, I was crazy about "Harold and the Purple Crayon," and that was about a little boy, so who knows.)

The upcoming film seems like it was custom-made for the hipster crowd. A film catering to youth nostalgia, directed by Spike Jonze, with music by Karen O, and a screenplay that was touched by Dave Eggers? Are you kidding me? It almost sounds like the set-up for a parody of hipster movies.

But that said, the trailer makes it look really, really good.

Also? Mark Ruffalo is in it. See you opening night!


RBG said...

Mmm, I like me some Mark Ruffalo. I feel the same way. Looks amazing but I remember the book more from my babysitting days than my childrens' book reading days. And more recently from the exhibit/store in the Metreon.

Rain said...

Wow. I had totally forgotten an entire floor of the Metreon was devoted to that!

Man, the Metreon IS SO WEIRD. Thank god it's getting a makeover.