Thursday, June 04, 2009


In my "April Round-Up," I stated I didn't buy any shoes. This is, in actuality, not true. In fact, I bought TWO PAIRS!

They were both bought online from Target, for cheap (I think they were both 50% off at the time), which is probably why I forgot about them. And one of the pairs I doubt I'll ever actually wear, as they are a lot taller and unwieldy that I thought they'd be. They're also pretty freaky looking. To wit.

The other pair I only wore once as the one time I did wear them, I ended up tripping on a sidewalk, which resulted in this lovely bit of black-and-blue toeness. Probably not the shoes' fault, although they weren't as comfortable as one would think looking at them.

*Phew* So glad I cleared THAT up!

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