Sunday, March 07, 2010

Oscars Shmoscars

I don't have that much to say about the Oscars. I thought Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin made excellent hosts, and I wish there had been more of them. I thought the costars gushing about the Best Actor and Actress nominees was a nice thought, but horrible in actuality. I thought the snubbing of Farrah Fawcett in the memorial section was unforgivable. I was happy that "Avatar" was snubbed for all the important things. And I thought this was the funniest moment of the night.

As for the Oscar menu, here's what we had: Precious gin and tonics based on a gin by Sapphire; Avatunatartar; Serious Manwiches featuring Distric 9 prawns on an Inglourious Batard; a Blind Side-salad; bags of Up in the Airline Peanuts. And (Irish) car bomb cupcakes in honor of the night's big winner. I guess one could say putting that menu together was a hell of An Education...and yes, there were balloons all Up in there.

And my tally? Seventeen out of 24 guessed correctly. I won our small pool, but I've done better.

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rachael said...

are you some kind of pun-genius coming up with these names?