Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I Knew Someone Wouldn't Resist

Of course SOMEONE had to make the "Scotty beams up" crack, but I guess it's better than a "He's dead, Jim" headline.

True story: When I was in high school I had dinner with some friends at Julie's Supper Club. (For high schoolers, we seemed to have dinner there a lot. Maybe it was because they'd never card us when we had cocktails with our meal.) And sitting across from us at a looong table of about 14 guests were Tony Bennett, Lee Meriwether, and James Doohan.

I shit you not.

I have NO idea why they were all together that night, but I do remember we did our best to eavesdrop, and we heard "Scotty" tell a story about getting cornered in an elevator by a Trekkie who calmly asked him, after pulling out a sealed syringe, if he could get a sample of his blood, reassuring Scotty that it would completely sanitary. I believe Scotty said once the elevator door opened, he ran for his life.

And that's my James Doohan story.


Monique said...

It was the Golden Gate Bridge's 50th birthday! And do you remember,
Lee Meriwether had on a headdress!

Rain said...

I DO remember the headdress, but I didn't remember it being the Bridge's 50th. (Man. I must have been DRUNK.)

Jackson said...

That's AWESOME (not the dying -- that's sad). What did Tony and Lee say? Not to distract anyone from their mourning.

Rain said...

I think Lee was probably as drunk as I was, because I have a vague memory of her slurring...but then again, that might have been me. As for Tony, I believe he just laughed. And he was wearing his brown toupee, not the grey one.