Sunday, March 23, 2008

Almost As Fun As a Jesus Jell-O Mold!

Today was Easter. Didya hear? Me and much of the family gathered at my parents' for a feast that included ham, potato salad, mac and cheese, roasted asparagus, and green bean and brie casserole. YUM!

Today was also the annual "BYOBW" race in which adults bring their own Big Wheels and other plastic-wheeled kids' vehicles, and ride them down a crazy crooked street. Last year it was on Lombard Street, but it comes as no surprise that they got complaints and they had to move it. Luckily, they moved it to Vermont and 20th on Potrero Hill because that's two blocks from my parents' place. We went up and joined the crowd (a HUGE crowd it was) and checked it out. Below is some video. (I'm sure you can find other videos on YouTube shortly.)

It's a pretty obstructed view, but you can get the general idea. Hundreds of people on tiny toys riding down a very crooked street. Some of them were dressed as animals; some rode garbage cans instead of Big Wheels; and some rode tiny wheeled vehicles that were closer to toy trucks than anything a human being should ever mount and guide down a hill. All to the haunting strains of my parents' dog's constant barking. In all, it was pretty damn rad, and it's just another reason why I love living in this city...

ETA: Since I have TiVo, I rarely watch commercials, but last night I caught that commercial about some kind of SUV which features a bunch of people riding down a hill on Big Wheels and other toys. Let it be know, the S.F. Big Wheel races came first, and there aren't any SUVs carting people's lazy asses back up the hill here.

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