Friday, March 07, 2008

The Stupid Sun Can Suck it

OK. I shouldn't really blame the sun. I guess I should tell stupid William Willett to suck it, since he's the one who proposed the whole Daylight Savings thing to begin with. The point is, I could not care less about an extra hour of daylight in the evening if it means I have to lose an hour of sleep in the morning. I can't deal. For the past couple of years, the DST change has just been kicking my ass, resulting in at least a week of complete fatigue, and constantly feeling like I've just come off a transcontinental flight. In short: I hate it. And the fact that it comes weeks earlier thanks to goddammed G.W. Bush makes me hate it even more.

Also? The whole thing doesn't do a lick of good in lowering energy consumptions and costs. Apparently, it actually raises utility bills. So, we continue this charade why, now?

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Damian said...

YES. I fucking hate it too, Rain. I always feel like I'm overreacting, but seriously, I end up being exhausted for like a week or two. I think they should just find a time midway between the two and never, ever change the time again unless the sun implodes or something and we need an adjusted day schedule to deal with it.