Monday, April 14, 2008


This week's reality TV locals post is now up on SFist!

In other news, last night at about 11:15 some guy started yelling outside my building, "HELLO?! I NEED TO GET MY CELL PHONE!.....HELLO? CELL PHONE!" I figured he was yelling to someone he knew who lives on the street side of my building. Wasn't sure why he didn't just ring a buzzer, but then again our front gate light is out, AGAIN, and the buzzers are hard to read in the dark. But then he started ringing buzzers randomly, and I think my new downstairs neighbors buzzed him in. Big mistake. I overheard him telling them, "I need to get my cell phone back. Some girl in this building took it."

The hell?

He then proceeded to go door-to-door in my building, POUNDING on doors and yelling "I need to get my cell phone!" When someone would yell through the door, "You have the wrong apartment!!" or something to that effect, he'd say, "OK. Sorry!" and move to the next apartment. But here's the weird thing: he pounded on what sounded like every door in my building, EXCEPT for mine!

I don't know what scared him away. The sight of me in my kitchen washing dishes in my pajamas, or the completely terrifying Target bag full of old pillows in front of my door. (They're headed for the trash, but I didn't feel like bringing them downstairs, OK?) Whatever it was, he avoided my door like the plague. Which is pretty funny, since I DO have his cell phone.

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I LOL'ed.