Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Kind of Easy Being Green

Today is Earth Day. We all know the planet is going to hell in a hand basket, and some "green efforts" seem more for the benefit of making us feel better than actually making a difference. But here are three relatively easy things to do that, I hope, can help, especially if everyone does them.

Use recycled toiler paper. I know, some of that recycled stuff is pretty harsh, but some brands have gotten a lot better. I use Green Forest, which is luckily stocked at my corner stores, and my ass feels fine. I really don't understand why all toilet paper isn't at least partially made from recycled paper at this point...

Turn the lights off when you leave a room. There's no reason to have every light in your place turned on all the time. Of course there's added benefit if you get those compact fluorescent bulbs, but I can understand the hesitancy to switch out all bulbs for those: the kind you can find in your standard store shed some pretty harsh rays, all yellow and sickly. Most standard CFLs don't work in three-way lamps, and I know I can't find any mini bulbs for the one lamp in my living room I use the most. But at least switch out a few.

Avoid bottled water as much as you can. Get yourself a Brita pitcher or filter for your tap. I think it's unrealistic to never ever drink bottled water ever again--sometimes you're out, and your aren't carting your own bottle around, and you're thirsty. But buying bottled water in bulk? Probably not the best idea.

Of course you're not going to save the planet by doing any of these things, but you also aren't going to hurt it.

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