Friday, November 16, 2007

State of TV: Fridays

Fridays. A relatively calm night for TV.

At 8:00 there's "Men in Trees," which continues to be an extremely guilty pleasure, which is strange because I was never a fan of "Northern Exposure" and it's basically the same show. I suppose it's the "Sex and the City" influence that keeps me watching.

Also at 8 is "The Next Great American Band," which I don't think anyone else is actually watching. It's "American Idol" but in band form, and while some of the bands suck, it is nice to finally see a talent-based show where the performers actually play their own instruments and songs. Don't get me wrong. They're still required to play through "Billy Joel Night" and "Elton John Night," but at least they're allowed to do their own arrangements of the covers. So far my fave is Tres Bien, which, despite the stupid name, is a fun band full of young guys totally enamored with 60s pop.

I also like the Clark Brothers from Tennessee. I don't think any of these bands are poised to take America by storm, but I'm still finding it as entertaining as "American Idol," if not more, although the judges leave a lot to be desired.

At 9 there's "Women's Murder Club" which I really only watch because I have to for my Streets of San Fauxcisco posts. It's a dumb show. Really dumb. And like many a dumb show, it's very, very easy to watch; your basic crime procedureal with female bonding thrown into the mix.

And that's it really. "Meerkat Manor" has gone into reruns, thank god, because I couldn't take any more of the heartbreak that show was throwing at me. I didn't think they could top the death of Flower as far as pathos goes, but then Mozart, the sad outcast who was trying to make it on her own up and gets killed while all by herself one sad night--after a day in which she was able to finally partner up with a potential mate. *SOB*!


SAMPLE said...

Listen, there's no finer hung over on Saturday morning drifting in and out of sleep "entertainment" than Moonlight and Ghost Whisperer. Nothing smart enough to hurt your brain, nothing interesting enough to keep you from drifting off to sleep, just enough cheese that you turn it off when anyone else comes in the room. I can't dispute your picks (well, maybe Men in Trees) to watch night-of, but for Saturday morning that combo kicks ass.

Rain said...

Sample, if that is your real name, I can't argue against that. I started to watch "Moonlight" at the begining of the season, but just thought I had too many shows to watch, and dropped it. I now realize I should have dropped several others instead.

But I will never, EVER, watch "Ghost Whisperer."