Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Oh, Good Gods

On today's episode of "The View," (yes, I watch "The View." So suck it!) Sherri "I Don't Know If the World Is Flat" Shepherd insisted that the Christians predated the Greek philosophers. I think she's under the impression Jesus existed before ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD.

Here's the clip:

Look. I know she's an idiot (she's also said she doesn't believe in evolution, and would never teach that to her child, and again, that whole earth is flat thing) but I don't understand why these other women on "The View" don't just take her away on a nice long weekend, and try to re-educate her on some of the basic facts of history. This isn't a matter of religion. It's a matter of education. Tell the damn girl what "B.C." means!

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