Sunday, December 30, 2007

November Round-Up

Unsurprisingly, Christmas this month has taken priority over much in my life, including this blog, and my monthly round-ups. But I've got two days left, so here goes. November. Remember November? With the food? Yum.

Movies Seen: Eleven, with one a theater. That one was "No Country for Old Men," which was probably the best movie I saw that month. Unfortunately I had recently read the book, so the film was completely devoid of any real suspense, which I am suspecting is one of the film's best aspects. It's also a lot like some other Coen brothers movie, most notably "Fargo," with a little bit of "Raising Arizona" thrown in. (Was I the only one who kept waiting for Chigurh to ask that store clerk if he had any balloons that turn into funny shapes?)

As for bad movies, I'd have to say the "Hairspray" musical annoyed me the most. It was completely unnecessary. And the worst part of all--aside from all the embarrassingly earnest race relations stuff--was they didn't let the fat girl kiss the cute boy until the final scene in the movie. Those who know the original know that Tracy and Link were all over each other through most of the film. After seeing the remake I immediately put the original in my Netflix queue so I could get erase the memory of the remake from my mind.

Books Read: Only one, and it was appropriately called "How To Be Idle."

Fancy Dinners Out: Aside from Thanksgiving, which should totally count, three. First was at Luella, which was good, although the steak I got came with a much too sweet sauce. I have a thing about my savory dinners including sweetness. Don't like it. The second was at RNM, which is just a stupid name for a restaurant. How can you remember that? The food was good though. I opted for fish, which is good since at the third place I went, The Brazen Head, I opted for red meat again. How could I resist some excellent prime rib?

Live Shows Seen: None

Shoes Bought: None.

Coming soon: December!

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