Sunday, December 02, 2007

He Didn't Come Anywhere Near My Tabloids

One of my favorite Christmas movies is not really considered a Christmas movie at all. It's "The Thin Man," and yes, it does, indeed, take place during Christmas. It's on TCM today at 3pm.

Here are some of the movie's funniest moments, (to be viewed only by those who have already seen the movie, of course!)

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Toby said...

When I was a kid, I was watching TV with one of my brothers and my Dad. It was some movie I guess with a smoking hot actress for the time.

I asked my Dad who he thought was a sexy actress back when he was a kid. His immediate reply - Myrna Loy. And I started laughing.

See, all I knew of Myrna Loy at that time were her matronly roles and her quest appearance on a Columbo episode.

And then I saw 'The Thin Man'....

Totally captivated not only by how sexy she was but how sexy they were together.

And the tabloids line has been a favorite of mine since then.