Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Any Time You Try a Decent Crime, You Got 50 Ways You Can Fuck Up...

I haven't seen "The Wrestler" yet, though I want to. But all this Mickey Rourke comeback talk has reminded me what a DOLL he was back in the 80s. I saw him in "Body Heat" when I was 12, and was instantly enraptured. Even with bad skin and greasy hair he was hot. Of course, he looks nothing like that now. Some of it is age; a lot of it is what he did to himself, but the most striking thing to me is how different he sounds. Listen to his soft little voice in this clip!

I'd share popcorn with him any day!


Laurel said...

I recommend Body Heat so often its a tad creepy. The Danson soft-shoe is also superb. My good it's good. Did I ever say "thanks!"?

Rain said...

You're welcome!

I can't believe we watched something so filthy when we were 12. Not that I'm complaining.