Sunday, January 18, 2009

Would You Listen To Me? I'd Listen To Me...I'd Listen To Me So Hard

Here's what I did while trying to get over a cold tonight.

About a month ago, I was reading Rich Juzwiak's blog, fourfour and he had a post about a remix of the song "Goodbye Horses" and how the remix was awesome but the mix itself was really bad and would someone fix it and send it to him and someone did and yadda yadda. (Go to the post and download the song!)

Anyway, I downloaded the song, and the entire collection of remixes it came from. But that song, "Goodbye Horses," was the best because it's awesome and also because it was the song Buffalo Bill is listening to when he does his infamous penis tuck dance in "Silence of the Lambs." Here's a lame video of the original song, along with the lyrics, just because.

So, tonight it popped up again as I was listening to music on my laptop, and I once again realized how awesome it is, and thought I'd investigate a little about it. It turns out it's a one hit wonder by "Q Lazzarus," which was fronted by a woman. Or maybe the woman was named Q Lazzarus? Whatever the case, it originally appeared on the soundtrack of an earlier Jonathan Demme movie, "Married to the Mob," a movie I loved at the time of its release. I also have the soundtrack, albeit on vinyl, but decided to dig it out to listen to the original version of the song. But, alas, to my disappointment I discovered the record is cracked in half. Doh! And a brief investigation into finding a replacement (because there are some other good songs on it, and just because) finds that copies are going for about 30 bucks on ebay and Amazon. Oh well.

But it doesn't end there! A little later I watched the Elvis Presley movie "King Creole," which begins with the amazing song "Crawfish."

Elvis singing about one of my favorite foods? Of course I needed to download that! Luckily iTunes had a DRM-free version of the song, which was quickly purchased. And when I went to my library to select the song and play it, I realized I already had a remixed version of the song which was from the same collection the "Goodbye Horses" remix was from!

Weird, right?!

Well, it seemed spooky in my sickness-induced haze. Maybe I should just call it a night.

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leechfoot said...

You can also hear this song by playing Grand Theft Auto IV. I think it's on the radio station that has Juliette Lewis for a DJ.