Thursday, October 01, 2015

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 1

Hellooooo and Happy Halloween Month! Yes, month. Christmas seems to get about two months with the ever increasing Christmas creep, so Halloween deserves at least an entire 31 days, right? Right.

So, let's begin.

AMC is having a Stephen King movie marathon tonight, although when it comes to Stephen King and movies, there are way, way, WAY more misses than hits. And tonight's offerings fall into the later.

Sure, Pet Sematary (6:30PM, PT) has its fans, but I watched it again about a year ago, and maintain it's a bad movie, but a really weirdly bad one. The acting is Although, you can't really beat that scene where Gage wields a straight razor scalpel and you can clearly tell the director told the young actor to "Make a GRRRR face!"


Another killer-child-Stephen-King-movie is Firestarter (4pm, PT), starring Drew Barrymore. It, too, is terrible, especially because George C. Scott plays an evil, one-eyed, Native American (!). Badly. The scenes where Barrymore does her fire-starting basically involve her standing still, sweating and panting, while a fan blows her hair around, Beyonce style.


Finally, there's Thinner, which I never bothered seeing, since I didn't much care for the book. But you can watch it at 8:30PM, PT.

Pet Sematary is currently available to stream on Netflix, or can be streamed for a rental fee, along with  Firestarter and Thinner, via Amazon Video.


Pik-Cor said...

My friend's gave me a copy of Firestarter for my 16th birthday. I tried so hard to light a candle, or start a small fire with my mind while reading it. No success :(

At least not in this dimension!

Rain said...

Or maybe it did happen in this dimension--only hundreds of miles away!!! SPOOKY!

Pik-Cor said...

Oh...hadn't thought of that!