Monday, October 19, 2015

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 19

This is the post I have every Halloween, where I talk about the original Halloween movie, and how it's a must-see flick this time of year, and it's on TV tonight....but you shouldn't watch it.

The thing is, it's on AMC, and they edit their movies AND don't show them in the correct aspect ratio (ASPECT RATIO NERD ALERT), even on their HD channel, so I can't in good conscience encourage anyone to to watch Halloween that way.

AMC is also showing a lot of the sequels, which are generally garbage. I remember being pretty disappointed by Halloween II when it came out in 1981, though compared to the rest of the Michael Myers-themed sequels that followed, (Halloween III is a whole other ball of wax I'll hopefully address here this month), it's a classic, and has some genuinely scary things in it, (the biggest one being Jamie Lee Curtis's wig).

Fright wig indeed.

So, Halloween is on at 9PM and Halloween II at 11PM, both on AMC. This is where I'd usually give you alternative ways to view them, but it doesn't look like Halloween is streaming anywhere. Halloween II IS available to rent via Amazon. And you can get Halloween on disc from Netflix. (Just be sure it's the original and not the god awful Rob Zombie remake.)

I'll be watching the fancy Blu-Ray version I got last year for Christmas, and haven't watched yet. Come on over. I'll make popcorn!

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