Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Musty TV's Maniacal Halloween Countdown - Day 17

Hey girl, let's listen to spooky tunes and eat candy corn
Let's talk spooky music. Around this time of year I tolerate endless replays of The Monster Mash and Thriller, but my favorite spooky record has got to be Dead Man's Bones by Dead Man's Bones.

Who are Dead Man's Bones? Well, Ryan Gosling is involved.

Wait! Come back!

I swear this isn't the kind of music you'd expect from a former Mickey Mouse Club member. It reminds me of the Langley Schools Music Project, which featured a 1970's school choir doing pop songs,  and which, if you've listened to that record, is itself a little creepy. But this time the youth choir is singing about zombies, ghosts, and graves.

Sadly, their 2010 album is, so far, their only one and I doubt there will be another; it kind of feels like a lightning in a bottle sort of thing.

You can listen to the whole record on this playlist, and below is my favorite song.


Pik-Cor said...


Bob Johns said...

I never knew its pretty cool like a Christmas pageant only Halloween style

Caffeinated Joe said...

That was very cool! Gosling continues to surprise with his talent and interests.

Rain said...

I like that comparison to a Christmas pageant!