Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Musty TV's Maniacal Halloween Countdown - Day 25

One of my favorite movies is David Fincher's Zodiac. I watch it every summer around the Fourth of July, (the film's opening slaying takes place on July 4th), and I just never get tired of its 1970's aesthetic and Bay Area location.

I can safely say any fan of Zodiac should definitely be watching Fincher's new Netflix series, Mindhunter, as there is a lot in common. Aside from the serial killers (or "sequence killers," as the FBI agents first label those multi-murderers; of course, I always prefer "sequins killers" myself), the look is very similar, and the 1970's vibe is on point.

In some ways, it's a procedural drama, as the agents do help to solve more than one case during the course of the series. But I appreciate how each crime serves the series's bigger plot, which is centered on how the FBI developed serial killer profiling in the 1970's, and helped steer the agency away from some outdated modes of investigation. It's a great combination of the grisly and the scientific.

The whole series is available now, perfect for Halloween bingeing!

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P.E. Cor said...

Hmhuh, I think you've convinced me. Also didn't realize Anna Torv appears in it!