Thursday, February 16, 2006

ALMOST Betrayed By TiVo - Again!

Though, perhaps it was my own stupidity this time around.

Last night, TiVo almost didn't record "Lost" again, because the "American Idol" episode before it had suddenly decided to run three minutes longer. Now, if I set "AI" with a higher priority than "Lost" then it's my own damn fault, but I really don't think I did, in which case why "Lost" didn't take precedence is a mystery.

What's that? Do I have anything interesting to say about last night's episode, or is this just another post full of inane rambling?

Ummm...I liked it?

Sawyer is an asshole, and I really felt sorry for Hurley. I'm still not buying that Sayid's feelings for Shannon are as deep as he's making them seem. That "Henry Gale" HAS to be an other, (and as pointed out elsewhere, the whole "Henry Gale," air balloon, "Wizard of Oz" thing is kind of cool). And I really got tense and excited there for the few seconds when the counter turned to hieroglyphics, and I haven't had that feeling watching this show in quite a while. I want more. Unfortunately, we'll all have to wait until March 1st for another new episode.


Chuck said...

It's funny, I was thinking the same thing. (Although I didn't pick up on the Wizard of Oz bit). That scene with the countdown was so well done, and that sense that holy-crap-something-HUGE-is-happening is a feeling I haven't gotten from any show in a long time. It took me a few minutes to realize, well, nothing really happened.

And yeah, that guy totally has to be one of the others. He's more interested in Sayid's psych profile than he is about his dead wife. Unless, I guess, that they're taking the Wizard of Oz thing a step further and implying that he was a FAN of the Wizard of Oz, and that it was a sham marriage.

Toby said...

That look he gave Sayid behind Jack's back after Sayid was pulled off of him reminded me of Gollum after Frodo stopped Sam from attacking the creature.

Same malevolent sense of "I win, you lose".