Tuesday, February 21, 2006


OK...Maybe I'm not exactly furious, but I am really peeved. I bought some headphones, a lot like these, at Walgreen's about a month ago, and after three weeks, they stopped working. One channel went out completely, so that whenever I'd watch a DVD, I'd only hear the soundtrack and not the dialogue (which is a weird way for headphones to malfunction, but whatever). So I exchanged them for a new pair last week, and now those have broken too!

Now, I understand to some extent I get what I pay for because these headphones are only ten bucks, but COME ON! I'm not doing anything to these headphone to warrant this breakage, so it's obviously something wrong on their end.

And what annoys me the most is I liked the feel of these headphones a lot more than any others I've had. I have freakishly small ear holes, so ear buds just won't fit in there, and I don't want to get the kind that make me look like I've walked out of a '80s movie. I prefer the kind that are basically ear buds on a headband, and I wear them backwards, so that the headband is actually under my chin. (Easier to take on and off in a hurry, and doesn't mess the hair. Also, it makes me feel like a doctor listening to a stethoscope.) These were the first that actually felt comfortable...

So, if anyone has any other warnings, or suggestions, for my next purchase, please. Enlighten me!

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