Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fragrant Fashion

Fans of "Project Runway" probably already know about the one-off special, "Project Jay," which airs tonight at 11pm, but in case you don't here's your notice. Tonight. 11pm. Bravo. And then repeated every day until the new season starts.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Jay McCarroll's last season, but that had less to do with his designs than with his just giving off the impression that he probably doesn't smell very good. He looks like he'd be kind of stinky, and I wouldn't want to wear clothes crafted by a Smelly McStinkerson...This coming from a woman who regularly buys vintage clothing on eBay that comes shipped in boxes reeking of cigarette smoke.


Chuck said...

And yet you keep leaving me positive feedback. I'm getting mixed messages here, Rain.

Rain said...

Only because your old dresses are FABULOUS!!