Thursday, August 09, 2007

I Don't Think I'll Be Using This When I Start My Night Class at the End of the Month

But it would be kind of funny if I did.

A few months back, the topic of Pee-Chee folders came up, and I promised to scan an old one I still had around. Here it is! Buried in some boxes somewhere I think I still have some others. One of these days I'll dig them up, too...

You can see the back of the folder here. Or click on the photo to go to its Flickr page and click on "All Sizes" to view a larger image.


Unknown said...

I think you should write NO WAR NO KKK NO FASCIST USA! on all the papers you turn in.

Or send 'em to me and I can draw a 3D Van Halen logo on them because I was the MASTER of those.

Unknown said...

I was talking to someone who grew up on the East Coast and they didn't know what a pee-chee folder was. Those poor, sad East Coasters.

By the way, are you sure that's your folder and not mine? I had all those bands written on mine too. And that running 2-tone man rules!