Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm Not an Angel, But at Least I'm a Girl

Witness my current obsession.

Some of you may know it is from a weird ass movie called "Streets of Fire," which I rewatched a few months back. It's still weird, and makes little sense, and wasn't as entertaining as I hoped it would be. It did, however, remind me how much I love the two songs "sung" by Diane Lane in the film.

For years I had presumed she was lipsyncing to Bonnie Tyler, but in fact, it merely sounds like Bonnie Tyler. Instead, it is "Fire Inc.," a fake band headed by Holly Sherwood under the creation of Jim Steinman--who also created the genre known as "Wagnerian Rock," (which includes several songs by Meatloaf).

I always knew those songs all sounded similar, but I had no idea they were a genre unto themselves. Which leads me to the inevitable question: What are the Wagnerian rock songs of today?


Anonymous said...

I've never seen that movie but at least now I know how it ends. Sheesh! Spoilarz!

Rain said...

Well, now that you know how it ends, you might as well see how it begins.

Those are the best two bits in the movie.

There. I've saved you 90 minutes of boredom.