Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What Year Is It? Where Am I?

Happy New Year! I'm sick.

I've got a cold; my first serious, hacking cough, genuine fever, every bit of me is achy cold since about June of 2006, which I guess is testament to my immune system. Not sure what I did wrong to encourage this one along, but oh well. I rang in the new year watching Dick Clark and freaking out a bit about him, kissing my cat, and falling asleep to a Mark Ruffalo movie, which led to feverish dreams in which I dreamed I kissed him at the strike of midnight, and not my cat. I just hope my cat wasn't anywhere near me when that dream was occurring.

Today my entire head aches, including my teeth, which is just weird. Getting off the couch seems an impossibility; who has that kind of energy? What time is it? What's that green thing in the corner, covered with lights and toys? What's my name?

Pass the Nyquil please.

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Chrissa said...

Dick Clark was rather distressing, wasn't he? I couldn't decide if it was terrible that they'd trotted him out like that, or kind of awesome that he still has so much standing come New Year's, even when not "TV ready."

Hope you feel better! Until then, may your sweet dreams of Mark Ruffie continue!