Monday, August 09, 2004

He Must Be Stopped

Read about some of the very special additions that are rumored to be making an appearance on the DVD release of the original Star Wars trilogy. (Last item on the page.)


Chuck said...

He's just going to keep picking at it and picking at it until it scabs over and gets infected and then he'll be sorry. The only way he's going to learn is if nobody buys the DVD set. And that's not going to happen.

Greedo went out like a chump!

Jeff H. said...

Makes me appreciate the pan-and-scan VHS tapes of the original three movies all the least they're free of all this revisionist tinkering.

Rain said...

I cherish my dusty old Laserdiscs of "Star Wars" and "Empire" as well. And they're widescreen to boot!

Never bothered with buying "Return." And no amount of tinkering in the world could ever save that one. Not even taking out the "Jub Jub" song at the end.