Friday, September 23, 2005


You Are A: Duckling!

DucklingThe cutest of the cute, these baby ducks are often spotted in the spring following closely behind their mother. As a duckling you will grow up quickly, becoming one of the adult ducks seen commonly in ponds and streams. Playful and timid, charming and vulnerable, ducklings are nature's very definition of innocence.

You were almost a: Lamb or a Bear Cub
You are least like a: Parakeet or a SquirrelWhat Cute Animal Are You?

I would have liked to have been a monkey, but whatcha gonna do? [via mattymatt]


Jess Hutch said...

I was a lamb. Of course, I was an animal that people eat... hmph.

Rain said...

Well, people eat ducks too. But anyone who eats cute little fuzzy baby ducklings has got to be one sick mofo.

Chuck said...

I'm a turtle.

Rain said...

I don't believe it. I want proof!

Anonymous said...

I'm a frog (!?)
I was almost a puppy.
I wanna be a PUPPY!

MattyMatt said...

can you imagine those poor schmucks who find out they're parakeets? nature's fran drescher.