Wednesday, October 19, 2005

That Can't Be Right...

Yeah, that's what it's worth NOW. But just wait until I do whatever they did at the end of "Trading Places" and I make a million bucks on orange juice stocks.

Or perhaps I should say, just wait until I figure out what the hell they did at the end of "Trading Places" and THEN I make my million bucks on whatever it is they made their millions on....Which now that I think of it is just dumb, because who cares how much my blog is worth if I've just made a million bucks like the "Trading Places" dudes did?

Forget I even brought it up.

[link via the far more valuable Freakgirl]


Chuck said...

Now that you mention it, I don't really understand how they got rich at the end of "Trading Places" either. As I remember, it had something to do with Jamie Lee Curtis's breasts.

My blog is also worth $0.00.

Anonymous said...

my blog is crapping the negative, if yours is worth 0!