Thursday, March 02, 2006

There's a Yarn Stash Somewhere On That Island

And if I were there, I'd be hunting for it like crazy.

Last night's "Lost" was excellent, (and that link goes to a good EW article full of theories), and that's surprising since it focused on Claire. (Perhaps the utter lack of Charlie can be blamed for its excellence.) More "just what the hell is going on there?" questions. I loved the reveal of the fake beard and the Dharma-brand theatrical glue. Those guys thought of everything!

The Ecko and Henry Gale exchange was odd. I don't know if I totally get it. But I did like Gale's attempts to undermine Locke. It seems when Locke's in the hatch, he might as well be back at the office typing up TPS reports. All that's missing is the wheelchair, and I think he's beginning to realize that.

Anyway, if you liked last night's episode, savor it. There won't be another for three weeks. And then after that one, I think it'll be another two weeks. ABC is run by the Hanso Foundation.

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Jackson said...

Three weeks? Yeesh.