Sunday, October 02, 2016

Musty TV's Maniacal Movie Countdown - Day 2


Isn't this image of the Bride of Frankenstein cast having a tea break while fully costumed just the best?

I know I include the movies every year, but seriously, what is Halloween without a viewing of Frankenstein and/or The Bride of Frankenstein? And today Turner Classic Movies is airing both, plus Son of Frankenstein, the third in Universal's series, and the last to star Boris Karloff.

Sundays are officially Frankenstein Day for the month of October on TCM, so you'll be seeing some more of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster here in the weeks to come.

And it'll come as no surprise that of all the Frankenstein movies, Bride of Frankenstein is my favorite. I mean, isn't it everyone's? And how could it not be, with moments like this?


Man, one of these Halloweens I'm going to have to make my Bride of Frankenstein costume dreams come true. What's more comfortable that walking around all night in a muumuu made out of some sheets? The hard part is the hair and makeup, which I'm terrible at. This hair tutorial using a soda bottle kind of blew my mind.


The above is actually pretty close to how the original hair was done, at least according to Elsa Lanchester, who said, "It's my own hair. I had it lifted up from my face, all the way around; then they placed a cage on my head and combed my own hair over that cage. Then they put the gray-streak hairpieces in afterwards."

A lot harder than just sticking you finger in a light socket!

Watch TCM's Sunday of Frankenstein flicks starting with the original at 5PM, PST.

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