Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Bolo the Wrestler? Meet Bobo the Monkey.

Unfortunately, the wrestlers won't be able to bungle their way to the finish line any more, as they were eliminated on last night's The Amazing Race. Which leaves us with Kris and Jon (who finally seems to lose his calm next week), Hayden and Aaron (poor, poor Aaron), Rebecca and Adam (I fully expect him to be sucking on a pacifier while crying that his diaper needs changing by the end of the season), and Kendra and Freddy (her gastrointestinal distress last night gave me all kinds of karmic joy). Once again, the option to dump your partner sounds like an amazingly good idea for future seasons. If we could just get Rebecca and Aaron on a team, and load Hayden and Adam down with each other, it would make for a much more enjoyable race.


Anonymous said...

Kind of sad to lose the Bolo, but darn it, they just weren't very bright. As for the other teams, I consistantly root for Kris and Jon while disliking the other teams alternetively. Watching Adam is like seeing a car wreck, fascinating, but you feel kind of dirty for watching. However, this week Kendra once again must take the cake...Why do I sense that this isn't the first time she's spent a lot of time doing the technicolor yawns. Dump your load, indeed!

Rain said...

I particularily love Adam's reaction whenever Rebecca says she just doesn't want to be around him anymore. He throws himself on top of her like a baby, climbing on her lap, wrapping his arms around chest. He's just awful.