Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Let's Hear It For Hungary's Amazing Water Polo Team!!

Have they made it to the Olympics? They're AWESOME!!

But seriously, last night's The Amazing Race was pretty satisfying in that Lori and Bolo did NOT get eliminated, we got to see Jon in a Speedo, and the Amazing Tool Number 2, Freddy, had to eat his own vomit.

I'm still praying for the elimination of Jonathan and Victoria, and do my best to just ignore them when they're on screen. And while Gus and Hera were nice enough, they were awful racers, so I'm not that sad to see them go. (How did they manage to always--ALWAYS--choose the slower of two tasks at any given roadblock?!)


Anonymous said...

I seriously thought that everyone in Hungary from the water polo goalie to the judges at the spice/vomit contest was giving the players a free pass. Since Jonathan and Victoria are no longer watchable, second place most annoying has to go to Adam of Adam and Rebecca, although honorable mention must be given to those prettiest of ugly Americans, Freddy and Kendra.


Rain said...

What was up with Freddy having the mini-breakdown about the gate crashing on his head? And did it really require that he wear that combo of Buddy Holly glasses and a do-rag? Watching him eat his own vomit was my reward for sitting through his tirade.

I can't stand Adam, but I will admit to a tiny bit of Rebecca-liking. Her scarfing down the soup, puking in the bushes, and then marching ahead like a trooper was pretty admirable.

Anonymous said...

I believe Hera also got a good whack on the noggin, but you didn't see her go balistic. Also, I'm liking Rebecca a whole lot more too...that is one spunky gal. Didn't you just love Kris' comment "Oooh it feels all vibraty.." punctuated with that sly little smile. Just love those two...