Tuesday, January 04, 2005


It's going on a week now, and I'm still battling a horrific case of the flu. I had hoped to get some posts up during my Christmas vacation, but instead my vacation was devoted to shivering with cold sweats on my couch. A full week off, and I wasn't even able to leave the house. How do ya like them apples?

But things are slowly going to have to return to normal, coughing or no coughing. For starters, this week's SFist post is now up...

One of the worst things about being sick all last week was that there wasn't any good TV on. It was all re-runs or clip shows. But tonight brings the return of The Amazing Race, praises be. Maybe the show's usual excitement will help spark some energy in me because I sure need it!

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rachael said...

i like your new cover photo---and im sorry youre ailing. i must say i am enjoying all this crap weather cos i gots no place to be. i do need to start earning some skrill sometime in the next few months though. but for now--- happy new year!!!!