Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Buoy Oh Buoy

Last night's The Amazing Race proved once and for all that Victoria is just as bad as Jonathan. I can no longer feel sorry for her when he calls her stupid or yells at her to "move it!" and blah blah blah. I do believe she did the same thing to him last night, more than once. So, really, it's kind of touching. Their relationship just proves that there really can be someone out there perfectly suited to your insanity and weaknesses. And inability to spot a buoy if your life depended on it. Of course next week it looks like she chops off a finger (probably just a splinter really, but her reaction to it would have you thinking differently), to the totally predictable indifference of Jonathan.

I will say the incessant bunching this season is getting tedious. They need to stop it. Now. But they have my permission to put Adam in as many cumbersome contraptions as possible. Comedy gold, I tell ya!


Jody said...

I agree. I found this episode really slow and painful.

Rain said...

I just don't understand why the producers would ever think it's a good idea to have so much bunching happening in every episode. Yes, you need to have it occasionally or else some people would get lead times of days over the other teams, but I really don't remember it happening as much before as it has this season.

Nonetheless, I still get tremendous joy out of the show, there are some teams I can still root for, and as much as I hate Jonathan and Victoria, I have to admit I found her sceeching about the buoys to be all kinds of amusing.

Jody said...

That was a funny part. There is still a lot of entertainment to be had with this show. The bunching is brutal, I'm looking forward to the next episode and all of the screaming.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the bunching. It gets really tedious to have people running in the middle of the night only to find "Hours of Operation". I've also decided that the best thing to do would be for Rebecca and Aaron to switch partners. That way I could nurture my disguust for Adam and my dislike for Hayden (She's a model?) by having them both on the same team. Plus, I think Aaron and Rebecca would make a much cuter couple.


Rain said...

Wouldn't it be great if they were allowed to switch partners in the middle of the race? They could add the option to a Roadblock, like they do a Fast Forward. Maybe call it "Dump Your Load." Phil: "'With Dump Your Load' you can switch team mates with someone else who also wishes to Dump Their Load. You must currently be in first place to do so, and you can only do it once in a race."

That would be awesome.