Thursday, February 24, 2005

Lost in Translation

I thought last night's Lost was pretty good. I liked finally getting Jin's side of the story, and that Hurley cameo on the TV in Korea was awesome. I love blink-and-you-miss it plot points! There are some interesting discussions going on in the link provided above, as well as some translation of the Korean that didn't get subtitled during the show. Particularily interesting is that during the final fight on the beach Jin tells Sun that he saw Walter start the fire, and that he ran over and burned his hands trying to put it out. Which leads me to wonder if Locke knows Korean, and if that's why he knew that the kid had started the fire. Or maybe he just knew because he's Locke and he knows everything...

As for Alias, it was a hell of a lot better than last week. The odor from that episode is still lingering around my TV set. I was happy to see Sark again, and have a return, as small as it was, of the whole Rambaldi craziness. However, I could not believe the nonchalant way Nadia talked about the time her Dad strapped her to a chair, pumped her up with some kind of crazy juice, and almost killed her in an attempt to channel Rambaldi, or whatever that was about. I don't recall her enjoying that experience at the time, but now she's all "Yeah, remember when my father kidnapped me and injected me with something that could very well be toxic and I went into a trance and started writing all that gobbledeegook? Yeah...Good times!"

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Michael said...

I found Lost to be great as usual. I blather on about in my blog, so I won't repeat it all here.

As for Alias, it was good to see it get back to the long-term stories and it felt like a season one episode..and that's a good thing.