Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Text Messsages...From the Beyond!

Someone unknown to me kept sending me text messages yesterday, even though I insisted I did not know him. In an effort to find the person he's looking for I give to you, our text message exchange.

Him: Hi


Him: Too cool to say hello, huh?

Me: Don't know who u r!

This is rob, damn it

Rob who? This is Rain. U writing the right person?

Oh my god I was freakin with you you early today shit I was the one tellin you that I was about to go to sleep on your bed

Dude, I don't know U. U have the WRONG NUMBER!

Da black guy that always fall asleep on your couch

Shit fuckin ask porsche and courtney about me

At which point I finally called him and told him to stop sending me messages, that I did not know him, and that he had the wrong number. And then he asked me whose house I live in, and I said, "I live alone. DUDE! I DON'T KNOW YOU, OK?"

And then he hung up.


rachael said...

aww hell! too much. maybe he's the one who took your atm card?!

Anonymous said...

That is weird..sorta creepy too. Reminds me of the time this man kept calling me wanting to apologize for his despicable, drunken behavior...and I told him I did not know him...to stop calling. Then he would say that I had a right to want to cut off all ties with him, but he promised he would change his ways if only I'd give him one more chance.. so after a few more back and forth calls like that, I finally relented and told him... that I forgave him and he could come back home....and I never heard from him again.

Rain said...

Ha ha ha! That's hilarious! If this guy is dumb enough to get in contact with me again, I'm totally going to tell him that I was playing with him the whole time and that I do know who he is, and that he can come sleep on my couch any time.

Rain said...

Update: He DID call me back, but I wasn't by my phone at the time, so I didn't get a chance to Punk him.

And he didn't leave a message.

Eve said...

Well, good move telling him that you LIVE ALONE, Rain!

Rain said...
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Rain said...

I had the same thought the moment those words came out of my mouth. I almost stuttered "I mean I don't live in anyone's house. I live in my own house. With my husband!! Who's a fire fighter and weighs 250 pounds!!!" but it was too late.