Friday, August 19, 2005


I've recently come to realize that reality shows are my version of sports-watching. At one time I could get excited about football (when I was about 16) and baseball (for a few years while I was in my 20s) but these days I couldn't give a puffy rat's ass.

So, instead, I let myself get super-worked up about dumb reality shows, suffering the exhilarating highs (Kaysar comes back!) and crushing lows (Kaysar comes back! And totally blows it by giving away HOH!) that are probably familiar feelings for Monday night football fans and the like.

So, yeah, there were some absolute screams of joy last night, when after Kaysar was voted out, Janelle won the HOH competition, and was immediately able to put two of the despicable "Friendship" players on the block. Sweet! THIS is how I like my spectator sports to be. Full of buxom blondes and catty name-calling.

Any other "Big Brother" fans out there should be sure to read TVGasm's recap. As always!

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