Friday, August 05, 2005

I'm Lame. I Know.

Yeah. I watch "Big Brother." And I'm ashamed. I hate it. I hate the people. I hate how boring it can be. I hate how it's on, like, EVERY NIGHT. But still I watch. So do me a favor and click on the photo, and when you get to the BB6 site, vote for Kaysar to be returned to the house. He was the only non-annoying guy there, and he's kind of cute, and I want him to come back. (But whatever you do, do NOT click on the photo of the bald idiot in the middle.)


In related news, why is the font on this post so funky?


Anonymous said...

Oh my god. Big Brother is my summer crack. I've watched it every summer (even more shaming is that this is the first summer I haven't also got the live feeds. Not that there isn't time or anything) and I LOVE Kaysar! I totally voted for him last night and as soon as my phone recharges I'll text vote for him as well.

So sign me up for the lame club!

Rain said...

Yeah. Who am I kidding? I've watched it for the last three seasons, so I obviously get SOMETHING out of it. But really, Kaysar is the only house guest I've ever even remotely liked.

And if I hear the word "Cappy" one more time I'm going to throw a hammer through my TV.

Anonymous said...

hey! what does cappy mean? i have never seen this show as i have my hands full with surreal life and now kathy griffins show...thats about all i can do!

Rain said...

"Cappy" is the nickname of Eric, (the bald idiot) who Kaysar successfully had evicted from the house. He was a hypocritical blowhard, and I am very happy he's gone.

Basically, the house is divided into two factions: those who (LITERALLY) worship the evicted "Cappy," and those who think those worshippers are imbeciles. Kaysar is in the latter group...