Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Do You Know What That's Worth?

I'm not going to pretend I'm not a little excited about the movie Just Like Heaven. When they're done well, I'm a sucker for a romantic comedy. The director, Mark Waters did "Mean Girls," which was pretty good. (And his brother Daniel directed "Heathers" which was "Mean Girls," but better.) Plus, it was shot in San Francisco.

Oh, yeah. And some guy named Mark Ruffalo is in it.



Chuck said...

Hey, you've seen that men's magazine that's out now with a big picture of Mark Ruffalo on the cover, right? He's making a kissy face and everything and I thought "Rain must've had an aneurism when she saw that." I can't remember the title of it, but you'll know it when you see it.

Rain said...

::door slams behind me as I race out to the nearest news stand::

Chuck said...

It's "Men's Health Best Life" magazine. Can't find a version online.

When you spend as much time in airports as I have been lately, you see a lot of magazine covers. (I admit I got fooled by the Premiere Tom Hanks In Memoriam cover.)

lahosken said...

Maybe Daniel wrote Heathers? It was directed by a Michael.

Rain said...

Yeah, you're right about that. Michael Lehmann directed it. And neither has done anything to match the greatness of "Heathers" since!